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Complete poultry farm management software

Akokotakra farm management software enables the poultry farmer to record, monitor, keep track, and analyze all their farm operations easily. Feed, Drugs, Birds, Eggs collection and other activities like Sales to customers, Bills from vendors etc are all in one place and effectively managed with few clicks.

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Businesses On boarded

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Businesses connected to market

Robust features

Farm management

This feature helps easy management of birds, drugs, feed and eggs all easily managed with few clicks

Customer and sales management

This feature helps easy management of a farmer and its customers together with their sales. Debtor management of customers and their invoices are easily handled with overdue notifications.

Vendor and bills management

This feature enables the poultry farmer to easily track all his or her bills from from and vendor.

Employee and payroll management

Employee data and payments are easily monitors on montly basis. The far has a fair idea on reports on his employee.

Branch Management

Is now easy to management multiples farms with all users and priviledges on akokotakra

Account management

All your calculations on farm relation to income and expenditures are easily managed. Reports for profit and loss, balance sheets are generated with few clicks

Simple USSD to connect farmer to market

Akokotakra farm management software helps the farmer manage their farm efficiently, Akokomarket uses a simple ussd application to connect our farmers to a wider market.

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Off-takers contract

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Crates Requested On Monthly Consignment

$20,500 +

Paid To Poultry Farmers So Far

Profiling identity of poultry farmer made seamless

Identity, biometric, and geolocation data for the farmer is recorded onto the InnovaSync app, and the farmer is on-boarded to the Akokotakra software. Financial records are stored in the cloud, while reports can be shared with authorized institutions in real-time

Farm capacity and farmer identity tracked

Farm location tracked

Credible data for authorized institutions

Join over thousand of farmers and industry stakeholders we are working with.