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Digitizing the livestock farmers business

AkokoTakra is a livestock Farm Management Software that enables the livestock Farmers to record, analyse and make data driven decision on their farms using smartphone or laptop

The poultry farmers best friend - Akokotakra

App Features

Livestock Management

Customers And Sales Management

Purchases And Vendors Management

Financial Management

Learn, track, diversify!

FBSInnova assist smallholder cocoa farmers and others in the daily application of Farmer Business School tools to their business and thus to help them to better business as agripreneurs To this effect, FBSInnova comprises the Education Hub, and the FBS tools ‘Cropping Calendar’ and ‘Money-In/Money-Out’.

FBSInnova - Making smallholder farmers agripreneurs

Educational Hub

The Education Hub provides farmers with technical advice on good agricultural practices and updates that are crucial for doing sustainable business.

Cropping Calendar

The Cropping Calendar supports farmers in performing activities on time and reminds them well of important operations ahead

Money-In / Money-Out

The Money-In/Money-Out module helps to budget farm enterprises, to record and monitor expenditure for production and revenues from sales and to determine whether the result is a profit or a loss.

Financial Reports

Periodic financial break down reports for agriprineur being daily, weekly, monthly and the entire cropping calendar season

Audio Samples For Lead Products In The Agricultural Value Chains

All techincal activities in male and female voice that enlightens and keeps the smallholder farmer updated

Cleaning The Cocoa Farm

Educating Maize Farmers Against Fall Army Worms

FBSInnova Potential Scale - 19 African Countries, 1.3M Trained Farmers In Farmer Business School, 24 Value Chains

In a future scenario, the tool shall ideally be carried out on an international scale and must therefore be adoptable to various country contexts, including diverse crops and individual conditions for any activity planning. As for now, the application is currently in its implementation phase In Ghana, but such further country-specific information will be made available soon. Complementing analogue FBS and GAP trainings, the FBSInnova application will reinforce impacts on incomes (SDG 1), food security (SDG 2).

Biometric identification for poultry farmers made seamless

InnovaSync - Poultry Farmers Identity made seamless

Core Build Features

Biometric cards for identity verification

Farm Geo-location

Farmer's Bio Data Management

Data For Planning & Formulation

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