Meet Fatou Doumbia Our Intern French Content Translator

Creating an Internship Program to Bridge The Francophone Language Gap

Looking to expand into Francophone West Africa, Agro Innova created a framework to help Francophone interns grow their English skills while translating marketing material. This creates a level of readiness for the Francophone market with regards to our product and services with a win-win situation for our international interns and the company being globalized. Below we will show you how we formed our step by step process.

Meet Fatou Doumbia Our Intern Content Translator

Fatou began her internship for Agro Innova intern, while she was simultaneously preparing to join MEST’s one year training program as an Entrepreneur In Training at MEST. While Fatou has an advanced System and Network Engineer,from Cote D'ivoire, nervous about her English skills she reached out to us before the beginning of her MEST program. We suggest prioritising an interns technical experience over language skills. For example, here is a summary of Fatou’s technical background: Messaging system et DNS : Postfix, Bind9 Network : protocols , routing, Inter-Network equipment configuration, Wi-Fi Script language: Bash Programming language : HTML5, CSS 3, C Conception : UML IT Audit : ITIL, COBIT Introduction Project management software : MS PROJECT, MindManager. When choosing an intern, consider if her background matches the needs of your company. Fatou had the technically skillset we needed and also we thought we can leverage her French languges skills while she is in Ghana to further her career at Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology, Accra.

Her first project

We had Fatou join Agro Innova as a French Content Translator on our FBSInnova mobile application. Currently, the application empowers over 1.3M smallholder farmers trained under Farmer Business School in 19 African countries across 24 value chains, allowing smallholder farmers to become agripreneurs,learning, tracking and diversifying their crops.

Day To Day Activities

We first asked Fatou to listen to all the English audio content on two modules of the application’s Education Hub which informs farmers of good agronomic practices ,offering daily curated content on technical advice that enlightens the smallholder farmers on best farming practices, and education on personal finances and household accounting in terms of saving and spending. Every day we would have discussions on what Fatou listened to. Afterwards, we provide her all the written contents of the materials to deepen her level of the comprehension . It helped her greatly to read through the content and then we would meet again to discuss and check her understanding to what was listened to and read. Once all these processes are well understood, she begins to translate the modules into French.

What Her Time And Schedules Are?

We had her join our team for an hour or two daily and after a month she had translated the modules completely.

Our Primary Objective

This internship helped Fatou gain a concrete understanding in English in terms of teaching vocabulary. This process is valuable for all levels of Francophone learners, especially those interested in becoming entrepreneurs themselves. Training at MEST, an integrated environment filled with entrepreneurs in technology with basic infrastructure and facilities to provide room for effective learning. Fatou also coming from a tech background would creates more avenue to interact our developers to strengthen and sharpens her English for effective understanding and communication. We know this would form the genesis for Agro Innova having the fundamentals where we are the best position to keep absorbing more french students to help brighten their English for effective communication in their one year entrepreneur program where they become affluent in both the English and French forming the premises of providing and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all.

The Impact We Turn To Create In The Long Term

With this Agro Innova can create a framework for such international students with some standards where they communicate and being fluent to the extent of becoming ambassadors themselves because of the rich filled of resources and policies readily available to make them feel at home away from home.

Steps for the framework!

    1. A deeper understanding of the company mission and vision and it being can clearly to be communicated to anyone. Effective communication is the important key element here. This makes everyone to speak and understand the same language culture of the company

    2. Creating the culture of welcoming everyone for easy adjustment. The more complicated your system or structure is, the more difficult it makes people adjust. To borrow a quote from Albert Einstein “If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself.” Simplicity communicates trust me

    3. The willingness for a change. Change is inevitable, change is constant. Rich filled culture is also subdue to change. System or structures or cultures are dynamic. It changes to suit human nature or behaviour. Be willing to create a change that is still in line with your goals or objective. This is simply doing things the other way but more efficient to achieve the same results.

    4. “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success” - Henry Ford. Working together with a step by step process and scrutinization is the next core element to consider. This eliminates deviation of the dynamic change in your system. Remember you only know the final or end goal and you accept no deviation.

    5. The happy ending is the ultimate outcome. Remember you considered every single permutation and pitfalls to embrace change through your strategic journey. Your final destination would be whatever desired in reaching the summit of success.

12th July, 2019

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