Improving Farming and Agriculture through technology

The primary production sector is a key aspect in the growth process of various countries and cities all over the world’ It might not be glaring or noticeable but it has a lot of impact on economic growth and development as a whole. The farming industry being one of the major outlets of the primary production sector does not only cover food needs but encompasses areas like clothing, rubber, plastics, fuels, oleo chemicals (animal and vegetable oils) just to mention a few. The farming and agricultural sector to some extent has been neglected with respect to technological needs and innovation. Improvements have been made in certain aspects but compared to other production sectors. The farming sector on the other hand still lacks some incentives or tools that can improve production, logistics and supply. — Udoka C.Ogbogbo Technology and innovation can be applied in practically all areas and works of life, why not in the farming industry? In Ghana and the West African sub region in its entirety depends on the farming industry in forms of exportation of raw materials to other nations as well as processing these raw materials into finished goods. Technology can be applied in the industry through several ways, I would be narrowing this down to 3 ways I think it would help best.

Agro Innova wins Outstanding Agro-Tech Company of the Year Award

Agro Innova wins Outstanding Agro-Tech Company of the Year Award

The company which uses simple digital innovation to address challenges in agriculture was honoured for their work and efforts have contributed to the growth, success and development of Ghana’s agro-industry and agriculture sector.

The event which was held at Movenpick Ambassador Hotel in Accra, saw a number of local companies as well as foreign organisations operating in the country receive different categories of award.

 Meet Fatou Doumbia Our Intern French Content Translator

Creating an Internship Program to Bridge The Francophone Language Gap

Looking to expand into Francophone West Africa, Agro Innova created a framework to help Francophone interns grow their English skills while translating marketing material. This creates a level of readiness for the Francophone market with regards to our product and services with a win-win situation for our international interns and the company being globalized. Below we will show you how we formed our step by step process.

Meet Fatou Doumbia Our Intern Content Translator

Fatou began her internship for Agro Innova intern, while she was simultaneously preparing to join MEST’s one year training program as an Entrepreneur In Training at MEST. While Fatou has an advanced System and Network Engineer,from Cote D'ivoire, nervous about her English skills she reached out to us before the beginning of her MEST program. We suggest prioritising an interns technical experience over language skills.

Practical Experience With George Town University

Agro Innova, Georgetown University Internship International Consulting Project - Spearheaded by Kosmos Energy and Hilltop Global Group

Excellent experience working With Georgetown University!

In March 2019, Agroinnova had a truly profound information exchange and experience with the student consulting team from Georgetown University as part of their Global Business Experience (GBE). The faculty-led engagement matched a group of 2nd year MBA students with Agroinnova with the primary focus on providing key strategic recommendations to help refine the company’s operating model and core business offering. Our team was highly impressed with the in-depth scrutiny and analysis of all areas of Agroinnova’s business, and over a period of 3 months, worked with our team to refine our operating model and crafted a marketing strategy to expand our reach and accelerate our growth. The student team came with strong and diverse technical expertise which added significant value to the consulting engagement outcomes. The team comprised of;